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10 Etiquette Tips for Professionals on Twitter

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In the world of Twitter (Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Media) it is very important to maintain a professional attitude when communicating with the masses. In the world of upgraded technology (Storify) words can be taken out of context very easily. Storify is an application that allows the writer to perform a mass search on all social media sites/profiles (Mostly Twitter) that are public. The writer can then pull quotes from conversations that fit the parameters of the article they are writing. Trust me even the smartest professionals can get caught off guard in this trap. Whenever you Tweet make sure you think about how, that Tweet would look like on the front page of a newspaper. The number one key for professionals on Twitter is to have your account public. Today no one has privacy on the internet. The faster you realize you have no privacy the faster you can build your social media empire.


5 Things Not To Do on Twitter:

1) Never abbreviate words you must spell them out.

2) Never Tweet about Politics (Unless you are a Political Correspondent). This is especially important with in creation of Storify. You do not talk about Politics at work, and you should not talk about Politics on Twitter. Political agreements can get out of hand very quickly and can hurt your image.

3) Never Tweet about people being arrested or charged of a crime. You can be held responsible for defamation (Libel). Example: From my article Social Media won the battle for Boston. Check out the section at the bottom of the article titled social media (Link)

4) Do not badmouth your boss, employees or co-workers.

5) Do not tweet inconsistently. Be Tweeting everyday or you will lose followers.

5 Things To Do on Twitter:

1) When someone follows you make sure to send him or her a Tweet thanking him or her for following.

2) Be positive. Be nice. Do not argue with people.

3) If someone re-tweets articles you have written thank him or her for re-tweeting.

4) Tweet Quotes of famous authors, artists or business leaders.

5) Help your followers that have the same interest as you achieve their goals. Share their content, promotions and charity fundraisers.


Do you have something else in mind? Please feel free to express your opinions in comments.

Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter (@DavidFrerker). I Tweet about social media, public relations, advertising, marketing and sports. I am currently a Intern at Beck Ellman Heald (PR Firm).


About DavidSDSU

I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies. I am also the Founder and CEO of San Diego Sports Domination. I am an award winning blogger and have been covering San Diego State Athletics and San Diego Sports for the past 8 years. I have written many guest articles and have appeared in many podcasts. I have been a guest on all San Diego Sports Radio & TV stations. My articles have been linked to news websites all over the United States. I run this website in my spare time for fun. At my day job, I am a Digital Assistant for STN Digital a Digital Marketing Agency that works in the Sports & Entertainment Industry.


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