photo[1]David Frerker is a 24-year-old graduate of San Diego State University. Frerker majored in Journalism with an emphasis on Media Studies and minored in History.

David is an only child. He is a 2009 graduate of La Jolla High School in La Jolla, CA., where he was a member of the football team and was involved in the schools Young Republicans club. During his time at La Jolla High David became the youngest Eagle Scout in the history of La Jolla Troop 585. A newspaper story on David and his four other friends court of honor can be found here.

During his freshman year at SDSU was inducted into the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity (ΦΔΘ) as a founding father. During his time in Phi Delta Theta California  he served on the executive board as the Brotherhood Chairmen in charge of a $3,000 budget and in charge of all events inside Phi Delta Theta relating to brotherhood events..

His interest in Sports Journalism was sparked when he and some friends created Facebook pages for San Diego State Sports: Official SDSU Football (Student Run) Fan Page and  Official SDSU Basketball (Student Run) Fan Page.  As pictured below with the group member count. David could not have imagined how far he would have the possibility to go when the two sports groups were created.

Official SDSU Football (Student Run) Fan Page (803 members)

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.28.51 AM

Official SDSU Basketball (Student Run) Fan Page (3,090).

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.27.32 AM

David uses these Facebook groups to help promote San Diego State Basketball and Football in the community. This is a safe place where families can go to ask questions about sports and talk with other Aztec fan’s across the world.

First he was majoring in Tourism and Hospitality until he took some classes he plainly did not like. The classes he took and loved include Hospitality Law and some branding classes. These branding classes have helped him during his recent endeavors.

Shortly after building the two Facebook groups into successful thriving groups David was given the opportunity of a life time. He was given an opportunity by “Rod Luck” to give updates on  ESPN 1700 San Diego regarding the San Diego State University Sports Teams. He was a guest on Rod Luck’s Sport’s Talk that aired every Saturday from 9 to 10 am.

David learned a lot about Sports Reporting during his time on Rod Luck’s Sport’s Talk. He learned a lot behind the scenes during his time in studio and will remember that the rest of his life.

David moved further into the world of Sports Journalism when he was contacted by a sports blog named FanSided.com. This is the second biggest sports blog in the world and is in competition with SB Nation.com. David was brought on to be the Senior Editor of SurfTheSpear.com (No Longer Exists). The day he took over the website it was averaging a little over one hit per-day. He used the website for the purpose of sports writing, podcasting, video highlights and more. He built the website into something special through the use of social media.

Screen shot of SurfTheSpear.com before its dismantling.

He released press releases for events in the community. Unfortunately, FanSided.com decided they did not have the resources to keep SurfTheSpear.com running. He was also told that San Diego was not a big enough market. David was able to achieve over 50,000 hits in just four months. The day SurfTheSpear.com was taken off the web it was averaging over 1,000 hits per day. David also wrote for the FanSided high school recruiting page, FanSided150.com.

During Davids time at FanSided he had many articles linked to newspapers, recruiting websites, sports blogs and more. A few of examples of sites he has been linked to are; ESPN Insider, Scout Recruiting Forums, College Football Zelots, Sports Illustrated,  and the Seattle Times just to name a few of the more prominent sites.

David had the unique opportunity to help create and work on a friends social media application. This social media website is called, Barc. This social media application allows anyone to turn any website into a live chat room. This is extremely helpful when people want to talk about sports during the actual event. David was able to help conduct a research group at San Diego State University and has been giving Barc feedback ever since.

David did not feel discouraged after being let go by FanSided he got right back up on the horse. That same day he created his own website based off of everything he had learned up to this point.

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 2.28.55 AM

Present time David is a recent graduate of San Diego State University and has been more involved than ever before in promoting San Diego State University to the world. San Diego State has hundreds of thousands of alumni living in the San Diego Community. David is now working to bring these alumni back into the university. With San Diego State sport’s team’s gaining more national exposure, David feels this is the best time to show America and the world what being an Aztec is all about. David is a regular on the internet sports podcasting world and makes appearances on local radio stations to talk about San Diego State.


The photo above shows David Frerker at a local sports bar making a guest appearance on Xtra Sports 1360 radio talking about San Diego State. To listen to old interviews with David please go to the pages tab and click on radio appearances or podcast appearances to listen to David’s work.

David has become one of the best sports bloggers in San Diego and was awarded the best twitter follow for San Diego State sports by the Mountain West Connection (SB Nation). You can see a photo of the mention under the San Diego Sports Domination page. David is highly involved with his blogging and loves to help other San Diego State students start blogs. David was the President of the Society of Professional Journalists at San Diego State during his senior year.

David currently gives guest lectures at San Diego State to the Journalism and Media Studies classes on how to build blogs through social media.

If you have any inquires please feel free to contact David. Make sure you follow David on twitter @DavidFrerker

This is David’s Linkden account if you would like to connect with him! (Linkden)



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  1. Hello, my name is Maria del Carmen Huerta I’m a junior at SDSU studying journalism. I am a writer for The Daily Aztec. I know this is short notice, however you are the perfect candidate for a quote. I am writing an op-ed on the introduction of hashtags on Facebook. My opinion is that its a powerful tool that can be used to promote and enhance SDSU’s achievements and pride. The questions I have for you are 1. Do you see the #weareaztecs hashtag as an umbrella term for all of SDSU’s achievements? 2. What benefits do you see coming from the introduction of # on Facebook? 3. Do hashtags bring unity to a community be it sports, school, or any other entity? 4. Do you agree with the use of hashtags on Facebook? I would love your commentary and I hope you take the time out of your busy schedule to share your insight because social media never sleeps. Thankyou. Look forward to your reply.

    Posted by karmenhuerta2015 | June 30, 2013, 11:28 pm


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