I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies. I am also the Founder and CEO of San Diego Sports Domination. I am an award winning blogger and have been covering San Diego State Athletics and San Diego Sports for the past 10 years. I have written many guest articles and have appeared in many podcasts. I have been a guest on all San Diego Sports Radio & TV stations. My articles have been linked to news websites all over the United States. I run this website in my spare time for fun. At my day job, I am a Digital Assistant for STN Digital a Digital Marketing Agency that works in the Sports & Entertainment Industry.
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Social Media Day San Diego (#SMDaySD) Recap

On June 30th fans of social media and social media professionals descended upon the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina Hotel. June 30th is recognized throughout the world as Social Media Day. The Social Media Day San Diego was broken down into two panels: beginner and advanced. Since I have lectured some Journalism Media Studies … Continue reading

10 Etiquette Tips for Professionals on Twitter

In the world of Twitter (Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Media) it is very important to maintain a professional attitude when communicating with the masses. In the world of upgraded technology (Storify) words can be taken out of context very easily. Storify is an application that allows the writer to perform a mass search on all social media … Continue reading

Social Media won the battle for Boston.

**Note I have not named any of the suspects in this article because the case against them is on going.** The Boston Marathon bombing suspects are either dead or are now in custody. We can now look back at the night of April 18th to see how the shootout between the suspects and Police happened. Throughout … Continue reading

Poll Question: Media Coverage on Boston.

The answer to this question will be used in my new article about how social media was used covering the Boston Bombers from the day the bombs went off to the day the last brother was captured. If you don’t like any of the answers please give me a response in the comment’s section! Thank … Continue reading

Tips for starting a movement on Twitter.

I blog on this topic today because of my recent success at getting a hashtag called #SDSUlovesBoston trending on twitter. My fellow JMS (Journalism Media Studies) major Lauren Yap created the hashtag the evening of the Boston terrorism attacks. I was brought into the plan shortly after she created the hashtag, “Hey David, Trying to … Continue reading

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