Social Media Day San Diego (#SMDaySD) Recap


On June 30th fans of social media and social media professionals descended upon the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina Hotel. June 30th is recognized throughout the world as Social Media Day. The Social Media Day San Diego was broken down into two panels: beginner and advanced. Since I have lectured some Journalism Media Studies Classes at San Diego State, I decided to join the advanced panel. The first advanced panel was about Facebook. The experts for the first panel on Facebook were Amy Porterfield (@amyporterfield) and Mari Smith (@marismith).

Photo from left to right: Downtown Rob, Amy Porterfield and Mari Smith

The Facebook panel was dedicated to growing your “business, Hashtags, and user engagement.” We all want our business to have a ton of Facebook views. Here are some key statements made by the panel experts:

  • Infuse personality to increase engagement. – Amy Porterfield
  • People like to see hobbies, family, children, travel, and pets. – Mari Smith
  • Consistency is important for social media posts. Posting multiple times per day is important to extend your reach. – Amy Porterfield

(Example: If you post Monday-Friday on your Facebook page make sure to always post Monday-Friday. Also be consistent with the time you post. My advice is to post once in the morning, afternoon and evening.)

  • Call to action and asking for engagement will give you up to 27x more engagement. – Amy Porterfield

(Example: Ask people to like your status, share your photo or video or ask people to post photos and videos on your wall.)

The second half of the Facebook panel focused on advertising. I was not as engaged during this segment of the presentation as I have my own Sports Blog and prefer to not spend money to attract followers.

  • Facebook ads are the most targeted ads money can buy. – Mari Smith
  • To start advertising w/ a small budget, run ads to your fans only. Lower cost and more click-throughs. – Amy Porterfield
  • You can upload your email list and say ‘find me a look-alike audience’ for Facebook ads. – Mari Smith
  • When your ad appears in a news feed, the click-through rate is much higher than if it was in the sidebar. – Amy Porterfield

The second advanced panel was a discussion by big brands in San Diego and how they use social media. The experts for the second panel were Ryan Reid (@realryanreid) Petco, Joel Price (@joelprice) Chargers, Jason Woodmansee (@jasonwoodmansee) Qualcomm, and Chris Cantore (@chriscantore) U-T San Diego. The representatives from the big brands gave advice on how other brands should be using social media:

Photo from left to right Downtown Rob, Jason Woodmansee, Joel Price, Ryan Reid and Chris Cantore.
  • Whether you are an individual or a brand you need to see yourself as a multi-media company 24/7. – Chris Cantore
  • Crisp, concise, compelling – the three C’s to guide your content. – Chris Cantore
  • Engage in real-time marketing all the time on big events. – Joel Price
  • Make sure what you are doing is really relevant to your brand. – Ryan Reid
  • It doesn’t make sense for every brand to be everywhere. – Ryan Reid

The Social Media Day San Diego Crew did put on a great event! Thank you for all the work you guys did to bring this free networking event to San Diego! If you would like to see all of the statistics compiled by Social Media Day San Diego you may do so by clicking here. I have also compiled a Storify article on #SMDaySD for those who would like to see more Tweets from the event. To see the Storify article please click here.

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